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If the traditional lottery keeps you failing, well, there is a different type of lottery in Georgia that is turning everyone crazy. You do not have to spend lots of cash on this one, but the chances of winning are greater than any type of lottery in the country. More people can win on the same day, too! There are 14 draws happening in a week so more people can win as compared with the usual and traditional weekly lottery draws. Have you ever heard of the GA Cash 3 lottery draws? If not yet, well this is how it’s played.

Don’t worry. Playing it is pretty much the same with the traditional lottery where you will have to go to a retailer and get a game card to fill out. Instead of choosing numbers from a wide range of choices, this time you would only need to think of three numbers that can be repeating. Matka You need to form a three-digit combination and these three numbers can bring you fortune! Your combination could be any number from 000 to 999. So if you mark your game card with the number 772 and the same number appears on the draw, then you are one of the lucky winners for the day.

The GA Cash 3 game happens twice a day for seven continuous days. There is no pot money involved as the prizes can be won daily. It’s so easy that winners just claim their prizes every single day! You do not have to spend too much of your cash for this game. A bet can be worth either $0.50 or $1.00. The bets are small and the prize may not be as much as the weekly lottery, too. The prizes, depending on the bet, can range from $250 to $500. There are seasons that more cash is put into play, too.

Your numbers can be repeatedly used on different games. There’s the multi-draw option where you’ll be allowed by the system to choose the same lucky numbers for up to seven consecutive games. There is also the advance play option where you can use the same combinations on the other future-dated draws. If you do not have a combination in mind, the computer can automatically generate one for you by simply marking the Quik Pik option on your game card. The game is so easy to play and is so easy to win at the same time.

It may not promise you the instant millions brought about by traditional lotteries. How many times have you won on these games, anyways? In GA Cash 3 games, there is a possibility of having multiple winners in one draw and for the same winner to be repeatedly winning on different days. Who cares? It’s all about winning. You spend less but you win more. This is the reason why residents of the state continue to be hooked on this very addictive lottery game. Besides, who would not want to win more than the usual once in a lifetime chance?

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